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The Azande:


The Azande people are located in the center of Africa, occupying the southwestern part of Sudan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Central African Republic. With a population ranging from between one million to four million the Azande are a “melding together of what were separate clans in the past.” The Azande have individual homes built around courtyards, which are convenient locations for others to converge and gather. The Azande practice shifting cultivation, with the staple crops being maize, pumpkin, bananas, beans, etc. They get most of their meat from hunting. Genealogy has no significant role among the Azande people. 


The Ju/’hoansi:


The Ju/’hoansi peoples live in the deserts of Botswana, Namibia, and Angolia in southern Africa. The settlements of the Ju/’hoansi people consists of grass huts arranged in a circle with a clearing in the middle. Tradition Ju/’hoansi life began as nomadic hunters and gatherers. In recent times, the Ju/’hoansi have settled into mostly permanent residences with schools, stores, doctors, and travels readily accessible. Traditional marriages among the Ju/’hoansi were arranged by children’s parents. The Ju/’hoansi are described as peaceful, using talking as their main tool for keeping the peace and resolving conflicts.